As we continue to deal with COVID-19 through another tax filing season, we recognize that things may never return to the pre-COVID-19 normal for our office.   Even though the lockdowns of the last tax season are not currently upon us, we still need to continue to operate in a manner that reduces the risks of contracting COVID-19 for both staff and clients, as well as being prepared should there be another lockdown.  Crowded waiting rooms have never been desirable, so changing operations to continue to avoid them, even when COVID-19 restrictions are gone, will be a benefit to all.

As long as there is no lockdown, we will continue to be able to provide limited in person meetings with face masks, hand and office sanitization, as well as records for contact tracing to help keep us all safe.   Where face to face meetings are not really necessary, our electronic options may be your best choice.

Our e-courier secure client portal (which can be accessed from this site) allows you to upload electronic files, scanned images and pictures or screenshots from your cell phone.  With this option, more and more clients are realizing the advantages of not having to drive to our office or wait to be seen.  The use of CRA approved electronic signature options together with the e-courier encrypted file transfer system not only helps to protect your health, but also your privacy.  Even though many still scan and send information through regular e-mail providers, we do encourage the use of our e-courier services for that added protection of your information.

As lockdowns continue in some parts of the country, and may occur in other parts at any time, we do not know how tax filing deadlines may change.  We do know that electronic filing will not start before February 22nd this year.   Even if filing deadlines are extended, it is still beneficial to get your information to our office earlier to avoid the rush that always comes with any deadline.  Many who wait until the last minute, may not have time to find that additional information, that could reduce their taxes.

Some may be uncomfortable with, not have access to the electronic options, or have too many receipts for this option to be attractive.   For you, personally bringing your information, mailing your information, or couriering your information to our office is always available.  With COVID-19 restrictions, there is limited room to wait in our office and waiting in your vehicle in our winter weather is not always a great option. A quick drop off and a phone follow-up, if necessary, will help ensure that all can get their taxes processed in a timely and safe manner.

Our drop off service is available both during and outside of our normal office hours.  There is a mail slot in our back door towards the Valley Credit Union, which can be used whenever our office is closed. Otherwise, your envelope, bag or box of information can be left with reception.  We will process your information, call with any questions, respond to any notes/questions that you may have left in package, and call when your return is ready for signing.  Even though more and more people chose the electronic options, the drop off services is still the most popular option for personal tax returns for those who live in the area.

For those that live outside the area. province or country, the addition of the electronic signing option through e-courier this year, will be helpful as they will be able to avoid the need to print, sign and rescan those signature pages.

Should you have any questions feel free to e-mail or call our office.

Thank-you from the professional and trained staff of Kenneth L Bower BBS Inc. as we continue to offer Better Business Services to help meet your needs.