As the spread of COVID-19 adds to the stress of everyday life, our operations continue to look for alternate ways to serve our clients both old and new to help ensure that your tax filing does not add any unnecessary stress. Our office remains open, however, with face to face meetings, signing papers and passing papers between staff and clients the norms of two metre social distancing does not truly function. With this in mind we must work together.  

As long as the government does not mandate closing and no staff members become exposed to the COVID-19, our office will remain open to serve you.  We offer a number of options that reduce or eliminate the need for face to face interactions to protect the health of both clients and staff.  

As we have always serviced clients in other countries, provinces and Nova Scotia towns and cities, the transition to reducing, or eliminating the need for face to face meeting with local clients in times like this becomes fairly smooth.  We pay for a secure and encrypted file transfer service through E-courier that is both faster, and more secure than mail and more secure than e-mail . If you do not already have an e-courier account with us, you can still use the Secure Client Portal on this website to send files and information to us.  Once we have reviewed your information or request, we will contact you and set up a personalized e-courier account with you to be used for two way file transfers.  Whether sending a large back-up of accounting files, a saved pdf of your download T-4 or tuition slip, a scanned document or a saved screen shot or photo taken from your smart phone, all required functions can be completed without the need for close personal contact.

Historically, some clients have used mail and courier services to send information and documents.  Should interruptions to these services occur, please contact us and we will help ensure that alternate means can work for you.

Over 80% of our local area tax clients who don't currently use the electronic options, drop their information off at our office, have any needed discussions via phone and return to sign and pay once we have completed the return.   For these clients who do not want to, or cannot use the electronic options, we offer other options that can help reduce the need for close personal interaction.   We have a mail slot in our back door for use after hours, we can be called from the parking lot pass an envelope containing your information at the door or on the doorstep for documents both coming to and leaving our office.   We can highlight the areas that need to be signed, as is often currently done when all family members cannot make it to the office,  and you can sign them in your car or your home and return the signed pages to us whether via hard copy or electronic means.

Thank-you for making the extra efforts to help us protect the health of others during these challenging times.

Thank-you from the professional and trained staff of Kenneth L Bower BBS Inc. as we strive to offer you Better Business Services.